HowTo manage PGP keys

This page is more an internal howto, to remind of the step to manage the PGP keys.

It’s an extract from

Install PGP (windows)

For windows:

If non admin, the configuration stuff and the keys are stored in C:\Users\XXXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\gnupg

To work behing a proxy, add this line at the end of the gpg.conf file:

keyserver-options http-proxy=http://localhost:3128/

Create and check the key

gpg –gen-key

gpg –list-keys

Publish the key

gpg –keyserver hkp:// –send-keys THE_DATA_OF_THE_KEY

THE_DATA_OF_THE_KEY is listed when using gpg –list-keys

As it seems it doesn’t work, the easiest way to publish the key is to do it manually: * Open the ASCCI file * Paste it in this page * Click on Submit the key, and it’s done

On 2020, August the 23th, there seems to be a problem with New PGP keys have been published on