Interface DataFetchersDelegateFoo140

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public interface DataFetchersDelegateFoo140
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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    bar(graphql.schema.DataFetchingEnvironment dataFetchingEnvironment, STP_Foo140_STS origin)
    This method loads the data for
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    • bar

      STP_Bar140_STS bar(graphql.schema.DataFetchingEnvironment dataFetchingEnvironment, STP_Foo140_STS origin)
      This method loads the data for
      dataFetchingEnvironment - The GraphQL DataFetchingEnvironment. It gives you access to the full GraphQL context for this DataFetcher
      origin - The object from which the field is fetch. In other word: the aim of this data fetcher is to fetch the bar attribute of the origin, which is an instance of {ObjectType {name:Foo140, fields:{Field{name:bar, type:Bar140, params:[]}}, implements I2Foo140,IFoo140, comments ""}. It depends on your data modle, but it typically contains the id to use in the query.
      NoSuchElementException - This method may return a NoSuchElementException exception. In this case, the exception is trapped by the calling method, and the return is consider as null. This allows to use the Optional.get() method directly, without caring of whether or not there is a value. The generated code will take care of the NoSuchElementException exception.