Class DataFetchersDelegateI2Foo140Impl

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public class DataFetchersDelegateI2Foo140Impl
extends Object
implements DataFetchersDelegateI2Foo140
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    • bar

      public I2Bar140 bar​(graphql.schema.DataFetchingEnvironment dataFetchingEnvironment, I2Foo140 origin)
      Description copied from interface: DataFetchersDelegateI2Foo140
      This method loads the data for
      Specified by:
      bar in interface DataFetchersDelegateI2Foo140
      dataFetchingEnvironment - The GraphQL DataFetchingEnvironment. It gives you access to the full GraphQL context for this DataFetcher
      origin - The object from which the field is fetch. In other word: the aim of this data fetcher is to fetch the bar attribute of the origin, which is an instance of {InterfaceType {name:I2Foo140, fields:{Field{name:bar, type:I2Bar140, params:[]}}, implements IFoo140, comments ""}. It depends on your data modle, but it typically contains the id to use in the query.