Class DataFetchersDelegateAllFieldCasesWithIdSubtypeImpl

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@Component public class DataFetchersDelegateAllFieldCasesWithIdSubtypeImpl extends Object implements DataFetchersDelegateAllFieldCasesWithIdSubtype
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    • DataFetchersDelegateAllFieldCasesWithIdSubtypeImpl

      public DataFetchersDelegateAllFieldCasesWithIdSubtypeImpl()
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    • batchLoader

      public List<STP_AllFieldCasesWithIdSubtype_STS> batchLoader(List<UUID> keys, org.dataloader.BatchLoaderEnvironment environment)
      Description copied from interface: DataFetchersDelegateAllFieldCasesWithIdSubtype
      This method loads a list of ${}, based on the list of id to be fetched. This method is used by graphql-java java-dataloader to highly optimize the number of requests to the server, when recursing down through the object associations.
      You can find more information on this page: graphql-java batching
      Important notes:
      • The list returned by this method must be sorted in the exact same order as the given keys list. If values are missing (no value for a given key), then the returned list must contain a null value at this key's position.
      • One of batchLoader or unorderedReturnBatchLoader must be overriden in the data fetcher implementation. If not, then a NullPointerException will be thrown at runtime, with a proper error message.
      • If your data storage implementation makes it complex to return values in the same order as the keys list, then it's easier to override unorderedReturnBatchLoader, and let the default implementation of batchLoader order the values
      Specified by:
      batchLoader in interface DataFetchersDelegateAllFieldCasesWithIdSubtype
      keys - A list of ID's id, for which the matching objects must be returned
      environment - The Data Loader environment
      A list of IDs