Class STP_AnotherMutationType_STS

All Implemented Interfaces:
AllTypes1, AllTypes2

public class STP_AnotherMutationType_STS extends Object implements AllTypes2, AllTypes1
A mono line description for AnotherMutationType
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  • Constructor Details

    • STP_AnotherMutationType_STS

      public STP_AnotherMutationType_STS()
  • Method Details

    • setCreateHuman

      public void setCreateHuman(STP_Human_STS createHuman)
    • getCreateHuman

      public STP_Human_STS getCreateHuman()
    • setCreateAllFieldCases

      public void setCreateAllFieldCases(STP_AllFieldCases_STS createAllFieldCases)
    • getCreateAllFieldCases

      public STP_AllFieldCases_STS getCreateAllFieldCases()
    • setDeleteSnacks

      public void setDeleteSnacks(Boolean deleteSnacks)
      Tests for issue 51
    • getDeleteSnacks

      public Boolean getDeleteSnacks()
      Tests for issue 51
    • setIf

      public void setIf(String _if)
      test for issue #139 (use of java reserved keyword)
    • getIf

      public String getIf()
      test for issue #139 (use of java reserved keyword)
    • setImplements

      public void setImplements(String _implements)
    • getImplements

      public String getImplements()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • builder

      public static STP_AnotherMutationType_STS.Builder builder()