public class TopicPostInput extends Object
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  • Constructor Details

    • TopicPostInput

      public TopicPostInput()
  • Method Details

    • setAuthorId

      public void setAuthorId(String authorId)
    • getAuthorId

      public String getAuthorId()
    • setDate

      public void setDate(Date date)
    • getDate

      public Date getDate()
    • setPubliclyAvailable

      public void setPubliclyAvailable(Boolean publiclyAvailable)
    • getPubliclyAvailable

      public Boolean getPubliclyAvailable()
    • setTitle

      public void setTitle(String title)
    • getTitle

      public String getTitle()
    • setContent

      public void setContent(String content)
    • getContent

      public String getContent()
    • setAliasValue

      public void setAliasValue(String aliasName, Object aliasDeserializedValue)
      This method is called during the json deserialization process, by the GraphQLObjectMapper, each time an alias value is read from the json.
      aliasName -
      aliasDeserializedValue -
    • getAliasValue

      public Object getAliasValue(String alias)
      Retrieves the value for the given alias, as it has been received for this object in the GraphQL response.
      This method should not be used for Custom Scalars, as the parser doesn't know if this alias is a custom scalar, and which custom scalar to use at deserialization time. In most case, a value will then be provided by this method with a basis json deserialization, but this value won't be the proper custom scalar value.
      alias -
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • builder

      public static TopicPostInput.Builder builder()